Amazon Seller Tips to Avoid Suspension & Flags

Amazon doesn’t like it when you have multiple seller accounts but What if you buy an Amazon business and already have a seller account? What if you are involved in multiple FBA businesses as a consultant? What if you and your roommate both operate a FBA business from the same IP Address? Tip #1: Use … Read more

How to Change a Product Category on Amazon

Sometimes the category for a product on Amazon gets into the wrong category. In our case, the feed upload template had changed and we didn’t realize it. Amazon had added more categories to our niche and we didn’t update our template before uploading to Amazon hence our product with parent and child variations got into … Read more

How to Access the Amazon Seller Central Case Log

If you open a case with Amazon and they reply you can find the reply in your Amazon Seller Central Case Log however this link can be hard to find inside the Seller Central dashboard so here’s the link to your Amazon Case Log with all your open and closed cases –

Amazon Product Listing Page Videos: 3.6X More Conversions Among Video Shoppers

New news from Amazon about product videos! According to Amazon and their analytics here’s what we know – We’ve found that customers who watch videos on Amazon convert 3.6x more often than non-viewing customers, indicating a strong preference for video among shoppers. To make it easier for you to upload videos we released a brand … Read more