How to Change a Product Category on Amazon

Sometimes the category for a product on Amazon gets into the wrong category. In our case, the feed upload template had changed and we didn’t realize it. Amazon had added more categories to our niche and we didn’t update our template before uploading to Amazon hence our product with parent and child variations got into the WRONG category! Ouch! So, we tried to relist the product in the proper category and got met with this error – The value for XXXX conflicts with the Amazon catalog for ASIN XXXX. Umm.. yeah I’m trying to fix the error but now it’s hardcoded in the Amazon catalog…

To fix the issue you can go to this URL which I found out from Seller Support

You enter the ASIN and you can change the product browse node however please be aware that this change won’t automatically update in the catalog. It goes into the Amazon system and will be reviewed by their team. A case will be created in your case log and Amazon will approve or deny your change in 24-48 hours. That’s it! Thanks for reading this blog.

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