How to Run an Amazon FBA Multi-Channel Report

Selling on Amazon FBA is fantastic with the Prime Badge but what if you have orders that are sold via your website on Shopify that are fulled by Amazon? This is what Amazon calls non-Amazon fulfillment (otherwise defined as the product was not purchased on Amazon).

This can be beneficial because sellers on other channels like Website, eBay, and others can fulfill orders via Amazon automatically through APIs without having to have a 3rd party fulfillment center.

Enter the Multi Channel Report

You might be wondering what is my cost to pick, pack, and ship via Amazon for 3rd party orders. Here’s how you run that report –

Step #1: Go to Reports -> Payments

Step #2: Then go to All Statements

Step #3: Choose the Settlement Period and Download the Flat File for your desired date range.

Step #4: Open the txt file in Excel

Step #5: Select all cells (Control + A)

Step #6: Select the Data Tab in Excel then click Filter

Step #7: Under Column “Marketplace” Select ONLY “Non-Amazon”

Step #8: Then in Column “item-related-fee-amount” You will see the Fee per shipment to pick, pack and ship via FBA for non-amazon-related shipments for the daterange.

Why The Amazon FBA Multi Channel Report Is Crucial

If you are considering your own 3PL fulfillment then this data can help you figure out if leveraging Amazon fulfillment will be more cost effective than investing in a 3PL solution

The Amazon algorithm does favor sellers who use Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment in the algorithm for rankings. We don’t know exactly how much this matters but it is a ranking factor in the algorithm. We believe it’s not a substantial factor but it will help

Finally, you know your costs to fulfill with Amazon and can further predict Amazon inventory needs based on your volume with Amazon Prime orders and other channels.

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